How to choose a wood motif wall wallpaper

Installing wood motif wallpaper is an easy and cheap way to make your room more aesthetic. If you plan to redecorate various corners of the room to make it more contemporary, just use a wall sticker like this. There are many different types of wood motif wallpapers available on the market today. There are those with 3D textures, with pictures similar to teak wood, so that the colors vary. The price also varies. Therefore, we have prepared a list of ten of the best products from leading brands, such as Blue Whale, for you to choose from.

Make sure the color of the wood matches the nuance you want to display

3D type: The texture is more realistic

Wood motif wallpaper with 3D types has a better texture quality so it looks more realistic. If you want to create the feel of being in a real forest, this type is very suitable for you.
Choose by color and design. After knowing about the two types of wood wallpapers above, now we will discuss about choosing the right colors and designs for your needs. In general, there are three popular color choices namely light brown, dark brown, and reddish brown. Each color has its own characteristics that can be adjusted to the concept of space that you want to create in your home.

Nowadays, many people prefer dark brown because it gives off a warm impression like being in nature. Reddish-brown is also quite popular because it tends to make rooms look more spacious than they actually are. As for light-colored wood grain wallpaper choices seem less common because they tend to give monotonous impressions

If you’re looking to wallpaper a room with a wood motif, you have the option of choosing between rolls and boxes. Rolls are typically 45 cm x 100 cm, but there are also 500 cm long rolls available. If you choose this option, you won’t have to worry about running out of wallpaper during your project. Boxes of wall paper are smaller, only 70 cm long on average. This is beneficial if you only need to cover narrow corners or small spaces in the room as there will be no wasted material.

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