Top 10 Recommended Tumblr Lights with Aesthetic

One easy way to change the atmosphere of your room without having to spend a lot of money is to use string lights or Tumblr lights. With Tumblr lights, you can adjust the lighting of your room according to your mood. If you want, you can also replace it every day, you know!

This time we’ll be comparing a variety of good Tumblr lamp brands based on price, design, and light type. You can find several brands such as Xeron and Indomini. We’ll also explain how to choose a Tumblr light so you don’t go wrong. Let’s see!

How to choose a Tumblr light

You’ll find many types and shapes of Tumblr lights, from the general to the specific. However, you still need to consider a few things before choosing the best Tumblr lamp. The following are some important points to consider before buying a Tumblr lamp. Listen and don’t make the wrong choice, OK!

Choose based on the color of the light

In general, Tumblr lamps are divided into three types, namely Tumblr lamps with cold or cold light types which have a whiter color, warm types with yellow colors, and rainbow lamps which have a wider variety of colors.
Cold color, for those of you who like brighter light effects

Tumblr cold lights are usually white and have a bright and bright impression. This type of lamp is suitable for use in your room that uses bright colored paint. This lamp is also suitable for those of you who don’t like yellow Tumblr lights that are not bright enough.

You can turn on this Tumblr light for a variety of purposes. The white color is suitable to be lit as additional lighting during the day. In addition, this white Tumblr lamp can also accompany you while you are still working at night. However, you need to remember, the small size of the Tumblr lamp cannot be the main light source, so there must still be a main light, yes.

Snow Tumblr Lights
Snow Tumblr Lights

Warm colors, more natural like sunlight

In contrast to the cold type of Tumblr lamp, the warm type of Tumblr lamp has a characteristic color that tends to be yellow to orange. This Tumblr lamp is usually used to give a more natural light effect because the color is close to the color of sunlight.

In addition to natural colors, you can also use a yellow Tumblr lamp instead of a night light. Arrange Tumblr lights on the wall or near the mirror, so the atmosphere of your room will be more beautiful without disturbing those of you who don’t like sleeping with bright lights.

Rainbow, celebrate your special moment

You certainly don’t want to miss special moments such as birthday celebrations, New Year’s Eve, or Christmas as usual, right? Well, this rainbow Tumblr lamp can be a complement that makes your special moments even more festive.

Rainbow type Tumblr lights usually have more diverse colors such as red, blue, green, and purple. The color red can enliven your Christmas moments. You can also use Tumblr rainbow lights to enliven your outdoor events.
Consider the length of the Tumblr light cord

You also need to consider the length of the Tumblr light cable when you use Tumblr lights as room decor.

Tumblr LED Curtain Lights 3x3
Tumblr LED Curtain Lights 3×3

Short, perfect for one-piece wall decoration

If you want to decorate only one part of the walls of the room, choose a Tumblr lamp that has a cable that is one or two meters long. This is to adjust your decorating plan so you don’t have to cut the light wires that are too long.

Before choosing a Tumblr lamp with a short cord, you also need to pay attention to the location of the power source with the part to be decorated. Because the cable is not too long, the location of the power source should be no more than 50 cm

Long, more flexible to be created

Long Tumblr lights usually have a cable length of more than two meters, some even reach 10 meters. This type is suitable for you who will decorate a spacious room.

Long Tumblr lights are also perfect for decorating outdoor events or decorating a Christmas tree. With this lamp, you don’t have to worry about connecting cables and can reach farther power sources.

Tumblr LED Curtain Lights 3x3
Tumblr LED Curtain Lights 3×3

Choose based on the shape and design

There are various shapes and designs of Tumblr lights that you can find in online shops. However, you need to understand that not all shapes are suitable to be created in the same decoration. Therefore, we present the following information about the shape and design of the Tumblr lamp for your consideration before buying a Tumblr lamp.

Stars, their twinkles accompany the atmosphere of the night

Besides being able to be used as decorations for Christmas trees, star-shaped Tumblr lights can be used to decorate the walls of your room, you know. You can mount it on the upper bedroom wall.

Usually star Tumblr lights come in a variety of colors, from white to rainbow. You can turn it on at night to accompany your time before bed. Don’t forget to turn off the main light, so the atmosphere is even more serene!

Round design, perfect for minimalist room decoration

For those of you who own a minimalist room and want an anti-boring room decor, you can use a round Tumblr lamp. Its simple design fits perfectly in your room.

You can choose white or yellow and mount it on the wall. To make it even more beautiful, you can also paste your printed photo collection on the Tumblr light cord.
Twigs, bright and beautiful for display

If you’re tired of wired Tumblr lights, then the Tumblr twig is for you. Its unique shape like a plant you can make a display in the living room or bedroom.

How to choose a Tumblr light
How to choose a Tumblr light

Some online shops provide pre-order services so you can adjust the shape of the twigs, the number of LED lights used, and the color of the lights according to your taste.
Curtains, perfect for your bed background Another unique design Tumblr lamp is the Tumblr curtain lamp. You don’t have to make your own Tumblr lights to turn them into twinkling curtains. Simply look for it in an online shop, then mount it on a wall or window to get a tacky decoration.

If you have a bed with a classic design, you can also install a Tumblr light curtain as a mosquito net around your bed. If you want decorations like this, you should turn off the main lights at night so that they are not too bright and not hot because Tumblr curtain lights already have a lot of bulbs or LEDs.

Pay attention to the resources

Tumblr lights basically have two main sources of power, namely power from electricity and batteries. If you like moving and replacing decorative lights, then opt for Tumblr lights that run on battery power. On the other hand, if you find it a hassle to buy and replace batteries every time a light goes out, you can opt for a Tumblr lamp that uses electricity.

Consider a waterproof Tumblr lamp

One of the advantages of Tumblr lamps compared to other decorative lamps is the waterproof feature. Some Tumblr lights are designed to withstand splashes of water and can even be used underwater. In addition, there is also a lamp that has a wrapping hose so it is waterproof. So, you don’t have to worry if your Tumblr lamp is exposed to drinking water or will install a Tumblr lamp for outdoor decoration.

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